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DMS EDM Arpeggiator Chords Vol 3

DMS EDM Arpeggiator Chords Vol 3

EDM Arp Chords

Download the MIDI files here.

DMS EDM Arpeggiator Chords Vol 3 features 50 smooth MIDI loops designed for your arpeggiator! Many synths have built in arps and great chord progression can do wonders when fed through these magical devices. You’ll also find arpgeggiators in DAW software such as Ableton Live and Logic X and these can be used to great effect in your tracks to provide added rhythm and…

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NI Massive Psytrance Presets Vol 3

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Dr Doubledrop Psytrance Soundset for NI Massive 1.4

Download the NI Massive Psytrance Soundset Here.

Doctor Doubledrop returns with 70 high quality…

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